Europe’s cheapest holidays have £2.50 beers and return flights from £50

Brits looking for bargain holidays may want to consider a trip to Bulgaria, which is already famous for its party resorts with 80p pints and clubs that stay open until 7am.

Now there's even more reason to add it to your bucket list, as it's just been named the cheapest European holiday for Brits in summer 2023.

New research, which looked at trips in June, has revealed that flight prices average around £50, and you can find three-night hotel stays for £117.30 – not to mention the average pint costs £2.50 and you can easily enjoy a meal for two under £40 total.

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Then of course there's the wild nightlife; one Sunny Beach DJ told the Daily Star that there's bonking in the streets and that the walk of shame is a spectator sport.

The new research by Saxo looked at various factors when determining the cheapest holiday spots including flight costs, accommodation rates, bus and metro fares, average coffee and beer prices, museum ticket prices, and how much a dinner for two could set you back on average.

Bulgaria's total cost came in at an average of £214..92 for the three-night trip. It wasn't the only destination to impress, as Poland took the second spot on the podium with a total cost of £262.52, closely followed by Romania in the third spot with a total of £278.53.

Meanwhile while Albania took the seventh spot, it's definitely one to watch for a holiday to remember. It has a riviera that's worthy of the Caribbean with pristine white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and amazing scenery, not to mention you can find cheap hotels.

In fact, the new research showed that in June you can find three-night stays for £117 not to mention that, just like Bulgaria, the average pint costs £2.50.

Ksamil tends to be popular with those looking to make the most of the gorgeous landscape, sitting within Butrint National Park and boasting gorgeous islands you can visit on boat trips.

Other beauty spots include Lori Beach where the land rises against the white sandy bay and Bora Bora beach which boasts pool clubs and plenty to do.

Top 10 cheapest Europe holidays

  1. Bulgaria
  2. Poland
  3. Romania
  4. Hungary
  5. Serbia
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Albania
  8. Germany
  9. Turkey
  10. Latvia

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