‘Every day is a holiday as an influencer – men flood my DMs when I’m in Dubai’

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A British influencer who raves about her “soft life” to her Instagram followers has opened up about her luxury lifestyle where "every day is a holiday".

Samantha Kohter is a content creator and social media manager who spends her days attending glam events, parties and taking snaps in her favourite outfits.

The 29-year-old bombshell has racked up an impressive 41,400 followers on her @samanthakohter page, where she flaunts the best of Dubai to her fans.

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And, she even claims that her inbox is “flooded” by men wanting to meet her in the expensive holiday destination.

The curvy fashion-lover hopes to inspire other people with her “self love” journey and says it’s always been her dream to work for herself.

And, Samantha has achieved just that and now posts all about her favourite exotic destination in the UAE.

Speaking to the Daily Star, she said: “I think Dubai is the new land of opportunity. It’s such a modern, glamorous place with a fusion of cultures and beautiful backdrops.

“It offers everything from amazing shopping and nightlife to relaxing beach escapes.

“Dubai is like if Florida and Las Vegas had a baby! Living a luxury lifestyle is also very accessible in Dubai!”

Her favourite place is The Palm – the islands occupied by high end hotels Palm Jumeirah, Deira Island and Palm Jebel Ali just off the coast.

Samantha noted: “Firstly the fact that you’re on a man-made island shaped like a palm tree is amazing in itself, however every time I drive onto the palm I just get that warm holiday feeling.

“There are so many amazing beach clubs and hotels, and I love laying on the beach looking at the huge mansions on each of the palm fronds.

“It’s goals and helps to keep me motivated.

“Being an influencer, every day can be a holiday, so I really am living the dream!”

Plus, she’s often invited to high-end hotspots and events.

Samantha told us: “It’s hard to pinpoint just one luxury location as there are so many in Dubai.

“Every day you are surrounded by 5* luxury, however the beach club at Burj al Arab is up there with extreme luxury!"

And, while travelling around Dubai there’s plenty to do when you’re an influencer.

Samantha said: “Not only is every corner in Dubai beautiful, making it an influencer/ content creator's paradise, it’s also a really great place to network.

“Everyone is always out, whether at the beach or an event, so I feel like doors are always opening for amazing opportunities.”

And, the men in the UAE apparently love women – so much they’re often asking her to meet up.

Samantha commented: “I would say my inbox is often flooded with men asking where I am in Dubai and if they can meet me. Men really do love women out here, that’s for sure!”

And, as a fashion lover, she loves the perks of the job.

Samantha said: “I think one of the best things about being an influencer is the events you get invited to (and of course the free clothes!)”

But, she noted it’s important to obey the law of the land and added: “A lot of public places in Dubai have photo restrictions, requiring people to have a permit (this is only if you’re trying to use a professional camera, iPhones are fine) but other than that, there isn’t issues with creating content.

“I think it’s important to remember that you are in an Arab country and while the clothing rules here are fairly relaxed, in certain areas I will be mindful about how revealing my outfit is.

“I personally have never had any issues or complaints with clothing, however I was once with a friend in a mall who got told by security that the slit in her dress was too high.”

Do you dream of travelling to Dubai? Tell us in the comments…


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