Families can currently bag Parkdean Resorts holidays for less than £99

Holidaymakers craving one last slice of summer can book a last minute trip with Parkdean Resorts for less than £99.

The holiday park operator has just announced 7,000 holidays on offer for families and friends looking to get away.

The offer ends on 5 September 2022, so deals need to be grabbed while you can.

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Parkdean Resorts has holiday parks across the country, including in East Anglia, Lincolnshire, Essex, Yorkshire, Kent, Sussex and the Isle of Wight.

One of the £99 deals on offer is for the Rye holiday park in Sussex, where a two bedroom caravan can be rented for four nights and includes space for sleeping in the living room as well.

In October those looking to get away can head to Thorness Bay in the Isle of Wight, where a similar caravan will set you back as little as £79 a night.

The area is known for its hillside view of the sea and woodland close to the campsite.

These are the cheapest offers for upcoming months:

  • September 2022 – from £99
  • October 2022 – from £79
  • November 2022 – from £79
  • February 2023 – from £79
  • March 2023 – from £69
  • April 2023 – from £79
  • May 2023 – from £79

Travellers can head directly to the site to browse the deals and locations available and grab the deals while they can.

Click here to find out more.

Those looking for a cheap getaway could do worse than following in the footsteps of Jenna, from Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

She runs The Travel Mum, a DIY travel business offering custom travel trips for a fraction of the price of a package holiday.

The 33-year-old recently followed some of her own advice to get away on a cut price break – by using a house sitting websites instead of hotels.

“We discovered housesitting a couple of months ago, it was recommended to us by a follower of ours actually,” Jen said.

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