Flight attendant gives peek at her life – eating by bins and relaxing in Hawaii

A flight attendant has gone viral on TikTok after revealing some of the strange parts of working on an airline.

Yana Igorevna Biryukova, who lives in Dallas, Texas, has travelled to more than 25 countries as part of her job over just two years.

In a series of videos uploaded to the social media platform, @itsyanachka, Yana explained the two sides of being a flight attendant.

Her various videos about how life in the sky is “weird” have received more than 1.2million likes.

The cabin crew member has quickly racked up more than 234,000 followers on TikTok and has 8.9m likes.

And, it looks to be a career with a lot of contrast and she captioned on video: “Being a flight attendant is sooo weird.”

Filming herself on some of the many exotic and far off locations Yana has travelled to she shared what she gets up to as part of her job.

Yana said: “Being a flight attendant is so weird.

“One minute I’m eating a frozen meal in the aft galley by 10 trash cans and four smelly lavatories like a little rat.

“And, an hour later I get off the plane and I’m spending five days in Hawaii sipping a Pina Colada in a tiny bikini on the beach.”

She showed herself striding down the steps to the plane with blue skies above her head.

In another clip, Yana was sitting in a bar and said: “Being a flight attendant is weird.

“I was just in a metal tube 40,000ft in the air cleaning the lav and now I’m having an espresso martini in Ireland with my best friend. Life is good.”

In the comments, Yana revealed more about being a member of cabin crew.

A fan asked: “How do your friends get there?”

To which the flight attendant replied: “I Buddy bid with my best friends so I always have someone that feels like home when I travel.”

In March, Yana revealed she had flown to: South Korean, Hawaii, Alaska, Argentina and Florida.

While in 2021, among other places, she also headed to Bulgaria, Turkey, Washington DC, Russia, Micronesia, Germany and Oman.

So, it’s safe to say she’s living the good life!

On Instagram, Yana said: “I absolutely love my career and I am grateful everyday that I get to be a flight attendant!

“Even when van time is 2am, it just means more coffee and singing Reba to my crew.”

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