Flight attendant says planes are allowed to fly with ‘huge list’ of broken parts

Plenty of airline workers have revealed the hidden flight secrets of planes and airports over the last few years.

Whether it’s that there’s a button under the sign for the loo that lets you open the bathroom door from outside or that you can get free drinks on board we’re learning more and more about passenger planes and the people who work aboard them.

But, it turns out that some of the hidden rules about air travel are far more terrifying than others.

And, over on Reddit, several members of cabin crew explained that your aeroplane might not always be in tip top condition…

A member of the public posted on Reddit to ask: “People who work for airlines, what are secrets passengers don't know?”

And, in the replies a cabin crew member said: “That there's a huge list of things that can be missing from the aircraft while still being allowed to fly.”

Another flight attendant went on to explain in more detail.

They said: “True. It's called a Minimum Equipment List (MEL).

“Counterintuitively, it's a list of what can be broken on the aircraft while it still remains airworthy.

“It should be noted that the operational limits of the aircraft are altered to respond to broken parts.

“For instance, if certain lights are broken, the aircraft is restricted to daytime use.

“Interestingly, an ashtray in the bathroom is not one of these things. The plane can't leave the terminal without a functioning ashtray in the bathroom.”

They claimed: “This regulation was put in place after a passenger on a non-smoking flight in the 70's went to the bathroom to smoke, dispensed his cigarette in the trash, and caused a fire which brought down the plane killing nearly everyone on board.”


In the comments, one person said: “This actually sounds quite clever.

"By ensuring there's few incidences where an aircraft is grounded with an unimportant fault, you minimise the chance of an airline getting complacent with skirting rules.”

While another added: “I wish I hadn't read this.”

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