Flight attendant shares simple way to tell if your hotel room has been cleaned

When it's the first day of a holiday, one of the most exciting things is what your hotel room will look like.

You run into every part of the room, check out the toilets, and then, finally jump on the bed.

But have you ever thought about the hygiene in the hotel room?

And whether it's actually been cleaned?

A flight attendant has finally revealed how to tell if your hotel room has really been cleaned – and it's all to do with the bed.

The anonymous cabin crew staff claimed if they look creased, it's a good chance housekeeping missed it.

They explained if they don't have sharp creases it means they haven't recently been folded.

The flight attendant told Business Insider: "Don't sleep on hotel sheets that don't have creases from being folded.

"Someone slept on them already."

Meanwhile, Dan, who works in a motel close to Yosemite National Park, revealed he had done this before while cleaning rooms.

He previously revealed how if he's seen a bed that isn't messed completely, he'll just pull the sheets really tight.

Dan added: "It's back-breaking work. I'll just pull the sheets really tight and hope no one notices. It's worked for me so far."

It comes after one hotel guest was left "horrified" after staying in room that looked like "a murder scene".

Vicky Ford, 36, left the scathing review of the New Oxford Hotel in Blackpool, claiming she was "horrified".

Her mum Noreen had reportedly booked four rooms for her daughter, grandchildren and two pals with their children.

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