Flight attendant shares ‘travel essentials’ packing list

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Cabin crew often have to pack for a flight quickly and without taking much luggage. Jane Hawkes, a consumer travel expert and former flight attendant, shared her “essential” packing list with Express.co.uk.

Jane said: “Aeroplane cabins and high altitudes can really dry your skin out. I always carry a sample size of my favourite hand lotion or body butter which can be easily popped into my pocket or hand baggage for easy access and disposal after use.”

Packing a small hand cream in hand luggage could stop passengers from getting dry hands from the plane’s air.

If passengers don’t have room in their hand luggage or forget to pack it, they could try to pick up a sample at one of the airport’s duty free stores.

Some hotels still offer guests mini toiletries, including body lotion, which could be the perfect size to take on the plane.

Jane told Express.co.uk: “If you want to maximise getting some all important sleep during your flight, then eye masks are an affordable and simple travel essential.

“They can help you catch a few zzzs in any time zone when you can’t control the light. There’s nothing more irritating than when the cabin crew bang on the lights about an hour before landing when you’ve just nodded off.”

Eye masks are cheap and very effective at blocking out any light that might stop passengers from sleeping.

Cabin crew will have to put the lights on at certain times during the flight so guests could get woken up without an eye mask.

On some long-haul flights passengers will be given a free eye mask to help them get a good night’s sleep.

Jane said: “A hydrating lip balm or nourishing lipstick is essential to remedy cracked and dry lips on board.

“Lipsticks and lip balms aren’t generally classed as liquids but check with your airline before you fly if you’re unsure of what is permitted.”

Lip balms can help to protect passengers’ lips during the flight and can usually be taken in hand luggage.

Jane added: “A collapsible water bottle is perfect for reusing and topping up while out and about when away.

“Plus it can be refilled in airport terminals after clearing security while you’re waiting to board or for your baggage to appear on the conveyor belt.”

The majority of UK airports now have water fountains where passengers can fill their own bottle after clearing security.

A collapsible bottle is perfect as it doesn’t take up much space in a suitcase and it’s very light.

It’s easy to become dehydrated on a flight so passengers should make sure they bring some water onboard.

If they forget, the cabin crew will be able to provide passengers with water, although these are often very small bottles.

Tourists will also find a collapsible bottle useful when they’re out and about while on holiday.

They can easily be carried to the beach or around a city and can then be refilled at cafes, water fountains or hotels.

Jane Hawkes shares her tips on ladyjaney.co.uk. 

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