Flight attendant shares travel food hacks for flying and what she eats on plane

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A flight attendant has explained how she packs her lunchbox when she is flying.

In a TikTok video captioned "best travel food hacks" cabin crew and influencer Kat Kamalani @katkamalani shows what she likes to eat to stay nourished during the long journeys.

Showing off her prepared lunch box, she says: "Whether I'm traveling for business, my family, vacation, or work this is what I bring every time.

"I always bring my insulated bag and water bottle to keep hydrated."

Showing a box filled with celery and carrots and an apple, she continues: "First off, I always make sure I bring veggies and a piece of fruit.

"Next, I have to have something that curbs my sweet tooth and I love these Skinny Dipped travel packs and I love how they are filled with clean ingredients.

"In case there are any delays. I always bring a stack of protein bars," she adds.

Kat also brings along homemade high-protein food such as her protein balls, her waffles, as well as a few boiled eggs.

The flight attendant says she uses a bag filled with ice instead of an icepack because it's easy to obtain ice cubes in hotels to refill it for the journey home.

"This little headache ice bag has saved my food it keeps it cold and I can refill it at hotels," she explains.

The video was watched thousands of times and people said they'd use the tips next time they were flying.

One fan commented: "I use frozen water bottles but I can't wait to try that headache bottle this weekend

"Gotta keep that protein intake up," said another viewer.

The flight attendant has previously said that putting your seat up during takeoff and landing can be a "life or death" situation and you must always do it when asked.

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