Flight attendant spills beans on 3 reasons it can be difficult to date in job

A flight attendant has spilled the beans on three facts about the demanding job that can make dating hard.

TikTok user Ashley @ashleysledzi says many men love the idea of dating an air hostess at first, then change their mind when some harsh realities kick in.

Firstly, the hours of the job can be very demanding and shifts can be irregular which means not every weekend is free for meeting up.

Ashley says she can be flying for as long as 16 hours a day which means long periods out of contact.

Next, more jealous types might find it difficult that their flight attendant partner is "hanging out with pilots" as well as mingling with A-list celebrities.

Thirdly, Ashley points out flight attendants stay overnight in hotels quite often which means more time away from the love nest.

In her video, which was "liked" 13,000 times, she says: "Guys want to date a flight attendant until they realise we fly up to 16 hours a day.

"We hang out with our pilots, we meet athletes, celebrities, actors, etc.

"We have our own hotel room."

This comes after another flight attendant shared a cheeky "game" the crew play to rank the best-looking passengers.

While in-flight romances are often the thing of fantasy, some confessed they like to compare notes about who they desire and have perfected a subtle way to do this most people wouldn't even notice.

One flight attendant even confessed to having a one-night stand with a customer she flirted with on the plane.

She also explained a "secret code" she used to notify her coworkers who she wanted to pick up.

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