Flight attendant’s hack urges families with kids to ditch priority boarding

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    As the holiday travel season is coming, a former flight attendant has shared a tip for families so they could board their flight with less stress.

    Sandra Kwon, who is known as "Jeenie" on TikTok", has a mass following on the video-sharing platform since she started sharing travel hacks including the best seat to pick in economy class.

    The ex-Emirates employee recently posted a family travel hack that has been praised by viewers as the "best thing to do ever".

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    She shared the tip in a two-way dialogue between a flight attendant and a mum.

    The conversation goes: "Flight attendant: We will now be boarding families with young children that need extra assistance – you can board now.

    "Mum: Would it be okay if my partner boarded first with all of our belongings and the kid and I can board right at the end?

    "Flight attendant: You should be boarding together.

    "Mum: Well, he obviously needs time to put things away but I would prefer to let this one [my child] run around and tire herself out.

    "I'd rather they try to keep her calm for an extra 45 minutes waiting for everyone else to board, wouldn't it be better for us to board last?

    "Flight attendant: That's genius! Yes, you can board later."

    Some parents said they will try this when travelling in a week's time, and one mum sharing: "Last time I travelled with kids, I was happy that they let me in before everyone but then I realised it wasn't a great idea."

    Another commented: "I never board first with toddlers or babies. They get bored waiting."

    A third said the hack worked for her family, adding: "The young ones slept through the flight."

    "This makes so much sense," a fourth penned. "You get your overhead cabins and you won't have to fight with your kids on plane."


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