Flight attendants’ shared bed separated only by tiny curtain filmed by pilot

A pilot has given special access to viewers on what the cabin crew's rest area looks like.

Steve Giordano, who started his aviation career as an airline pilot, filmed a series of videos on YouTube as "cockpit casual" to give viewers a glimpse of a daily life being a pilot.

The American pilot is now travelling around the world as a ferry pilot to pick up and relocate aircrafts.

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In one short clip he shared on Twitter on Tuesday, February 21, he boarded a wide-body jet Boeing 787 aircraft and gave a sneak peek on board.

If you ever wonder where the cabin crew rest during a long-haul flight, Steve revealed the secret to his viewers.

He walked around the empty plane to the space outside the cockpit, saying: "Here's the crew rest area on the Dreamliner here, it's at the front galley."

Steve turned the camera to one of the what it looked to be a cabinet.

He opened it and revealed a staircase, which led him to a sleeping area with mattresses and curtains, as well as an extra seat near the door.

"And that's the cockpit down there," he added.

One viewer wrote: "That's a pretty comfy spot, except for the seat. Hopefully delivering to a new owner."

Another shared: "Nice, much better than our A380 ones, though not sure how I'd feel about sleeping 'next' to someone with just a curtain between us, as opposed to above or below them."

A Twitter user asked how Steve find the cockpit size comparing it to that in an Airbus.

And Steve replied: "I was actually surprised how small the cockpit of the 787 is. Very shallow, comfortable though."

"The best first-class seats in the airplane," a fan joked and a fourth added: "I'd swap that for an economy seat any day."


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