Florida is ‘a good bet’ for half-term – ‘you wouldn’t know there was a pandemic’

Simon Calder discusses cancelled holidays over Christmas

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International travel is back on the menu and easier than ever with the latest updates from the UK Government. Britons will no longer need a pre-departure test or to self-isolate on return.

The Day 2 PCR test has also been replaced by a lateral flow test.

But UK travel rules are only part of the story when going on holidays overseas.

Countries all over the world have their own sets of restrictions.

France only just lifted its travel ban on Britons, while the Netherlands has gone back into lockdown.

Simon Calder was on ITV’s This Morning today to tell viewers about some great deals for international travel.

He also spoke about current restrictions and said: “The French had a ban on us for nearly four weeks, the Germans did for about 10 days.

“Everything is just changing so quickly. That’s the big problem.

“I was in Florida, it was lovely in December, and suddenly discovered that when I was coming back, I was going to need to take a PCR test and self-isolate for 48 hours while I waited for the results.

“So It’s uncertain times, even for somebody who spends their entire life on holiday pretending to work.”

Even travel experts are being caught off-guards by all the changes in travel rules and regulations.

But Simon said it wasn’t all lost for Britons in need of a holiday.

He said: “Loads of uncertainty in Europe, particularly Spain, particularly France, about the status of teenagers.

“What jabs do they need, whether they’re going to be recognised…”

To make life easier, Simon had one recommendation.

He continued: “Going to Florida is actually a lot easier, because basically if you’re under 18, whatever your parents qualify for will get you in.”

The rules being simpler in the US made travelling to North America easier for families.

And Simon was a big fan of Florida.

He said: “America is a good bet, just because it is much easier.

“I was in Florida and effectively, you probably wouldn’t know there was a pandemic.”

The Sunshine state was great for families, but Simon also warned Britons they shouldn’t go if they are “nervous”.

He said: “A lot of people are kind of nervous about people not wearing masks, but lots of people don’t.

“If you’re nervous, that might not be the ideal place to go.

“But certainly, in terms of getting kids in, Florida looks pretty good.”

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