Flying expert says you don’t need to worry about plane doors opening mid-flight

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    An expert who helps trains people not to fear flying has spoken up about one of the scariest things that can happen on a plane.

    While rare, there have been reports in recent years of passengers attempting to rip open plane doors while in the air.

    In August this year, a man was reported to pray and say “see you in heaven” before trying to open the door in mid-flight.

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    He caused terror among the passengers on a TUI flight to Manchester before holidaymakers restrained him.

    In July 2021, a woman on an American Airlines plane had a “mental health episode” and allegedly tried to force open the door at 35,000ft.

    Cabin crew managed to control her and apparently strapped her to her seat with duct tape.

    But, Fearless Flying course co-ordinator Mark Wein has reassured Brits that a door opening mid-flight is not actually something that could happen.

    Speaking to the Daily Star, Mark said: “It’s not possible, it’s a physical impossibility. Mid-flight, it can’t happen.

    “Look, it absolutely shouldn’t be done and obviously airlines will deal with that, but the principle of it is no, it can’t, but more importantly, it shouldn’t even be attempted.”

    He continued: “You’ve got to behave sensibly on an aircraft and you’ve got to maintain everybody’s safety.

    “Anyone behaving that way would obviously be dealt with accordingly, but in terms of the question can it be done? The answer is no.”

    Mark is one of the crew members who runs easyJet's Fearless Flying course.

    He once had a strong fear of flying which was affecting his ability to do a new job – so he met Lawrence Leyton who cured him of his phobia.

    Mark explained: "I think this is the story of most phobics, I was getting progressively worse.

    “I got to about the age of 30 and I was fighting, every holiday was a was a fight, I didn't want to do it and there was that trepidation three months prior.

    “You book a flight, you panic about it building up to the flight, the flight itself is a nightmare and then, wherever you get to, you then spend the duration of the time recovering from the flight.”

    He added: “Now, I fly very happily, sometimes hundreds of times a year because of what we do in terms of the business as well as on a personal level.”

    easyJet is bringing its Fearless Flyer course back for winter, to help nervous flyers take control and overcome their fears.

    With courses in Manchester, London Luton, London Gatwick, Bristol, Belfast International, and Edinburgh as well as returning to Glasgow, Liverpool, and Birmingham for the first time since the pandemic, customers now have a choice of nine airports across the UK, to book their experience flight.

    A limited number of spaces on the courses are now available at

    Dates range from November 12 to January 29.


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