Footage shows flight turbulence causing panic as food and drink thrown around

A travel influencer has a video of terrifying turbulence that caused panic among passengers on a plane, with food and drinks thrown all over the cabin.

Diana Assis, from Brazilia, Brazil, was travelling from Luanda, Angola to Portugal when the captain warned that they would likely experience severe turbulence.

She has since shared a video of the incident which shows food and belongings were left scattered all over the floor.

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At the start of the footage, she appears to laugh as the plane starts to vibrate.

However, her laughter is cut short when the plane jolts heavily, causing her to spill the contents of her wine glass, splashing onto the ceiling as people are screaming in terror.

She said the turbulence struck two hours after takeoff of what was supposed to be an eight-hour flight and just as lunch was being served, it left food scattered all over the aircraft.

Diana also claimed some passengers were injured and the plane crew provided first aid before landing.

She said among the injured was a newborn baby who had flown out of its parent's arms and hit the ceiling prompting the captain to ask for a doctor to help the child.

The influencer added: "It only lasted a few seconds but it was enough to leave some people injured and the crew provided first aid before landing."

She had boarded the plane operated by TAAG Angolan Airlines after it made a stopover in Luanda before she was due to continue to Portugal.

TAAG Angolan Airlines have been contacted by the Daily Star for a comment.

The news comes after at least 10 people were injured due to extreme turbulence on a Hi Fly flight operated by TAAG Angola Airlines from Angola to Portugal as carnage ensued on March 23.

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It showed meals, trays and plastic cutlery littered in the aisles on the flight after the turbulence hit and children could be heard crying in the background.

The plane's ceiling panels were cracked and perforated and a plastic tray could even be seen wedged in the gap above the overhead bins.

Eight passengers and two crew members were reported to have required medical assistance, with a doctor on board assisting one of the injured.


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