Foul-mouthed passenger lobs bottle at another after asked to take dog off lap

A woman threw a dramatic tantrum when she was asked to exit a plane after refusing to take her dog off her lap.

The meltdown on a domestic flight from Atlanta, Georgia, to New York City in the US saw the irritated plane passenger hurling swear words at the crew.

Redditor "vincentscrows", who shared the video on an "airport freakout" thread, said it happened on his wife's flight.

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At the start of the video, a member of the crew asks the passenger to get her belongings and leave the plane, assuring that she would be refunded.

She takes a pause and tells him: "Oh no, no honey. We are about to fight then.

"I didn't f***ing do anything to you guys, my dog was sitting on my lap and I put him in the bag. He is in the bag."

The staff asks her to leave the plane and she fumes and yells: "Because you couldn't let my dog sit on my lap?

"F*** you, f*** all of you."

When she grabs her bags, a man sitting on the back row appears to have made a comment, which unfortunately adds fuel to the fire.

The woman grabs a water bottle and throws it at him, saying: "I am! Shut the f*** up. Turn your f***ing phone off.

"Why is he recording me?"

When the staff comes over to assist her, she swears again and he brushes it off saying "no problem, ma'am".

She also accuses the cabin crew for being rude to her despite having followed the rules.

"Why are they recording me? Oh that's their right and it's my right to tell them to stop. Oh f*** you," she says.

The video ends showing her slapping a phone off a passenger sitting further up as she leaves the plane.

Atlanta Police Department was called to the scene but a spokesperson said there were no arrests.


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