Frequent flyer’s hack gets ‘free alcohol and snacks’ from flight attendants

Most Brits fly on holiday in economy class as the price difference for business and first class can be extremely steep.

However, just because you don’t want to pay for the larger seats and better food doesn’t mean you can’t bag a better flight experience.

Over on Reddit, travel pros and frequent fliers shared a hack which might just get you free drinks, more pillows and a much more comfortable journey.

A poster asked: “What airline-travel ‘hacks’ do you use that actually work well?”

Judging by the replies, treating the cabin crew nicely is key!

One person wrote: “Bring a small gift for the flight attendants. Chocolate, donuts, Starbucks gift cards. They will spoil you with snacks and drinks all flight long.”

People were curious about the tip for a number of reasons.

One commenter said: “I read somewhere that they're not allowed to accept food from passengers due to the fear of illness that would make them incapacitated to do the job.”

While another added: “You have done this? How much ‘spoiling’ can they do above and beyond? I’m sincerely interested in this, as I am taking a family flight this summer.”

The poster replied and noted: “Might depend on the airline, but I've never had issues with US carriers or Lufthansa, etc. I fly a lot and I try to bring something.

“If you're in first class, you'll get extra pillows, blankets, a mattress, slippers, and pyjamas, your glass is always full, and they'll save your favourite snack for you. "

They continued: “If you're in economy, you might get a first class meal, free snacks that are usually purchased, free alcoholic drinks, etc.”

They added: “It's absolutely worth it. Flight attendants are essential workers who worked through the entire pandemic – or got furloughed – and hardly received any recognition.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, violence against them has risen enormously. We should always thank our flight attendants.”

Make sure you check airline rules before giving staff tips, food or gifts as they may not be allowed to accept them.

What’s your favourite travel hack? Tell us in the comments…

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