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You lean forward in the chair, digging your nails into your palms and looking at the plate before you. A plate covered in dark purple leaves with a silver tip and covered with thin, long purple lines. You eat, not feeling particularly hungry or thirsty. You finish the plate in two bites, then the two before you. At least, you think theyre two bites. The edges curl up to your mouth as you chew, seeming to keep your dinner from falling to the floor. Theres a knock at the door, and a voice calls out. Come on, I dont want you standing there all day. You open the door, and let the woman in, still wearing the robe, holding a stick. I had to wake you so you could get me out of my bed. I mean, are there others like me, or am I alone. I mean, I dont think the smuggler would leave Tirith in such a hurry. The smugglers would have to find a way to make their ships sail quickly. No, he couldnt have left in time to avoid the storm. The smuggler would have had to sailed through, and the storm had to been strong enough or it would have hit the ship before it had even sailed through. The smuggler left the city, and he sailed to the nearest island. I always thought I heard his ship hit an island, but he must have been lost. Didnt he go looking for me when he left Tirith. We were never left together, he says.

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