‘Golden rule’ Effective hand washing tips to save space in your suitcase

Lynsey Queen of Clean shares her laundry tip

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Doing laundry while on holiday may seem like a tedious chore, but it can work wonders on saving space in your suitcase. Keeping your clothes clean while away is surprisingly easy too, all you need to know is a few quick hacks to simplify the process. Express.co.uk spoke to The Grand Hotel and Spa’s executive housekeeper Lisa Williams, and Pour Moi’s garment technologist, Lois Siciliano, who revealed their top tips to keep your holiday clothing clean and free up plenty of extra space in your luggage.

How to wash clothes without a washing machine

Keeping your clothes clean at home is easy to do with the right equipment and products, but it’s not as simple when you’re travelling abroad.

Whether you’re on the move or simply don’t want to pay out for a hotel laundry service, there are plenty of effective ways to give your garments a refresh using very few tools.

So what do you need to get dirt, sun cream, food and sweat stains out of your fabrics?

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Lisa Williams, executive housekeeper at The Grand – Yorkshire’s luxury 5-star hotel and spa, said: “The important thing is to pack less products and more everyday items that work well.

“I would also really recommend a Scrubba portable wash bag.

“The Scrubba is basically a dry bag with a ribbed interior that functions like a washboard.”

All you need to do is put your clothes in some clean water with a drop of hand soap and rub the garments against the bumps.

Lisa recommended doing this for a few minutes before rinsing everything out to remove excess soap.

This multipurpose tool acts as storage and a washing device all in one, and takes just five minutes to use.

Once you’ve scrubbed the garments clean, leave them to dry in a cool space before re-wearing.

How to remove stubborn stains

A simple wash isn’t always enough to completely clear your clothes of dirt, especially on a summer holiday when clothes are constantly exposed to sun cream, chlorine, sea water and lots of food and drink.

Removing these tough stains is easy to do using a pre-wash stain remover that can be easily tucked into your toiletries bag.

Lisa recommended the HG suntan lotion stain remover, though most pre-wash products will work well to quickly clean fabrics.

She said: “Sun cream contains oil and so the trick is to act fast and spot treat the affected area with a pre-wash stain remover as soon as possible.”

Rinse the item with soapy water and once more with clean water before leaving the items to dry.

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How to wash swimwear properly

When it comes to cleaning swimwear, it’s important to follow a few simple steps to preserve the elasticity and colour of your items.

Swimwear brand Pour Moi’s garment technologist, Lois Siciliano told Express.co.uk: “Shopping for swimwear can be tricky, so when you actually find the bikini or one-piece of your dreams, you’ll want it to keep it looking good for as long as you can.

“Washing swimsuits and bikinis is similar to washing bras. You should wash by hand if you can, especially if they’re underwired.

“But the golden rule is to keep them away from fabric softener because it can break down the elastane in the fabric.”

How to quickly dry clothing in a hotel room

Drying clothes quickly can seem impossible without a tumble dryer on hand, so what can you use instead?

According to Lisa, all you need is a dry towel to remove excess moisture and speed up the drying process.

She said: “Find a dry towel, lay it on the bed, place a garment on the towel and roll it up tight.

“The dry towel will suck out some of the additional moisture allowing the clothes to dry faster.”

If you are in a pinch for time, a hair dryer can be used to dry remaining water from the fabric, though this should be done with caution.

A portable washing line is a small and useful tool to pack into your suitcase, and can be hung up in a bathroom or across a sun-soaked balcony to quickly dry your clean items.

While it may not seem ideal to have to rinse your swimsuits out while on holiday, it is actually the best way to keep them looking good for longer.

Lois said: “Ideally, swimwear should be rinsed out thoroughly in warm water immediately after use and then washed by hand using a hand wash detergent as soon as you can.

“Never let swimwear stay wet after use (especially in a plastic bag or such like) as chemicals like chlorine can start to break down the elastane or even cause discolouration on the fabric.”

Freshly washed swimwear must always be dried in the shade to prevent the dye from fading. Laying it on a clean towel will help to prevent stretching too.

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