Hand luggage essential for ‘uninterrupted sleep’ on flight

Hand luggage: Expert reveals what passengers can pack

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Sleeping on an aeroplane can be a difficult feat and for many travellers, there are a few variables which make it so hard to have a few hours of shuteye. These include a lack of privacy and personal space, dry, recycled air and turbulence.

However, perhaps one of the most common reasons passenger struggle to sleep is due to the noise onboard.

From fellow passengers chatting to the whir of the aeroplane engine, there are plenty of sounds which you wouldn’t usually experience while trying to get to sleep.

Travel blogger Cairo Ferguson, who shares her travel tips and tricks on the blog JourneyJunket.com, revealed a simple hand luggage item which can ensure an “uninterrupted sleep” even on the busiest of flights.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, she explained: “For me, it’s all about earplugs.

“I use them anyway at home every night. I am obsessed with it being silent otherwise I can’t sleep.

“I love to sleep on planes but I need there to be silence.

“There is nothing worst than being stuck behind a couple of loud chatterboxes with the jet engine roaring as well.

“A good pair of earplugs means I can get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep and feel refreshed on arrival.”

She also recommends dressing comfortably for the flight, particularly if you’re heading to a long-haul destination.

Cairo added: “For comfort, nothing beats a sport coat and slacks.”

Wearing layers can also help with sleeping by making it easier to regulate your body temperature.

Experts from Casper explain that being too hot or too cold can be one reason why passengers find it difficult to nod off.

They explained: Science suggests that the temperature for optimal sleep is between 60F and 67F (15.5C and 19.4C).

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“While cabins are generally kept between 71G and 75F (21C and 23.8C), temperatures fluctuate in different zones of the cabin and when a plane takes off, is in flight, and lands.

“A study found that 60 percent of planes experience temperature swings of 50 degrees.

“Dress in light, easily removable layers to both prevent overheating and from getting cold when the aeroplane cools.”

Cairo added that it is also well worth making sure you wear comfortable shoes, such as trainers, which are easy to get on and off.

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