‘Hangry’ couple queue 45minutes for Tim Hortons breakfast & are not disappointed

Tim Hortons is a major Canadian fast-food chain known for its incredible breakfast food.

Among its more popular options are doughnut holes, which are known as Timbits, bagels, and coffee.

In 2017, the chain opened branches in the UK, drawing a huge crowd to it as people were eager to try out their £1.99 breakfast deal before 11am.

Emily Sleight, from our sister site 2Chill visited one of these branches in Chester, and found herself waiting in line for 45 minutes! Yet despite that long delay, she thoroughly enjoyed the meal and felt like it was completely worth it as she describes it below.

“Excuse me, can you tell us why that lane of cars is getting to the drive-thru before us? We’ve been waiting ages” moaned one hungry driver, desperate for her Canadian fast-food fix.

I can’t blame her to be honest, it’s 10:30am and it’s absolutely rammed at the new Tim Hortons in Chester, we’re all desperate to find out what all the fuss is about, plus there’s a £1.99 breakfast deal before 11am.

As time passes by, my boyfriend and I are getting more and more hangry. We’ve looked at the menu we got on the way in about 8 times and we know exactly what we want, a big breakfast wrap with a hash brown and a French vanilla latte – simples.

Finally! The moment has arrived, we are called over to the drive-thru window by a friendly-looking employee, of course, we flash her a smile despite our hangry mood. We make our order and we’re actually so surprised at how quickly it’s prepared, after waiting for a whopping 45 minutes at this super popular venue.

I get a whiff of the brown paper bag containing the goods and it smells incredible, this is the moment we’ve been waiting for, as two big foodies, we were very excited. My boyfriend and I don’t really fancy eating it in the car park, so we drive to a scenic location to really enjoy the glorious moment.

We’ve pulled up, and now it’s time to open our big breakfast wrap, which is tightly concealed in a small cardboard container to keep the heat in. I grab my hot coffee and take a sip to tease my palate and WOW it’s sweet. But good.

The big breakfast wrap is as expected, absolutely stuffed, with a sausage patty, bacon, egg and cheese. The best part though? The egg was fresh, it had a runny yolk and everything. Extra points.

For a simple breakfast wrap it contained a lot of different flavours, from the slightly sweet but smoky bacon toned down with some cool tomato sauce. The sausage patty is juicy and the cheese was everything and more. Because it's cheese, duh!

Let’s not forget the hash brown though. Granted, it wasn’t quite up to McDonald's standard as it didn’t have that crunch, but that could be because it was in a bag for quite some time, so we won’t penalise Tim Hortons for that.

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I forgot to mention the star of the show though, the doughnuts! Tim Hortons is known for its doughnuts and coffee, and we’re not surprised, considering it’s Canada’s largest restaurant serving 5 million cups of coffee a day – with a cheeky doughnut on the side of course.

Naturally, I went for the chocolate dip doughnut, and my boyfriend chose the Canadian maple doughnut, both utterly scrumptious and a great accompaniment to our French vanilla latte.

All in all, I’d give Tim Hortons a solid 10/10 for their breakfast food, the deal makes it so worth it as our bill only came to about £7 and we got doughnuts too! It’s perfect for a treat after a heavy Friday night, or just if you’re feeling extra indulgent. There’s something cool about knowing you’re visiting the most popular food chain in Canada, and we were seriously impressed.

The fast food chain is located on Chester Retail Park, Old Seals Way, Chester CH1 4RY.

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