Heathrow ‘luggage meltdown’ – tourists wait hours

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Tourists claimed that they were left waiting for luggage for several hours at Heathrow. One passenger said it was an “absolute shambles” and most seemed to be travelling with British Airways. 

Benjamin Ramm tweeted: “Thousands of infuriated passengers at Heathrow Terminal 5 because of a three- four hour delay for luggage.

“Previously announcements said two hours – now up to five. British Airways were unresponsive and unconcerned.

“Lots of cold, frustrated customers of an airline that doesn’t give a damn.”

Another passenger tweeted: “Heathrow Airport is an absolute shambles. No ground staff available to dock the plane so passengers (including us) are sitting for hours on the plane after landing.

“No baggage handlers either. Hundreds of people waiting for their suitcases for hours. What on earth is going on?”

Another tweeted: “After three hours of waiting for our suitcases at baggage reclaim we have now been told to go home and submit a lost luggage report while our bags are still sat on the plane. Absolute shambles.”

One person said: “Absolutely ridiculous customer service from British Airways today! No luggage and no answers given to all British Airways passengers as to when luggage will be given! I had my toddler sleeping on a trolley!”

A Heathrow spokesperson told Expresss.co.uk: “All arriving baggage is handled by the airlines and their ground handlers.”

British Airways told Express.co.uk: “We’re doing everything we can to reunite our customers with their delayed baggage as soon as possible. We apologise for the delay and inconvenience caused.”

The airline said it would send delayed bags directly to the customers using the address they’ve provided.

Customers should also include as much information as possible about their missing bag to help it be identified.

A passenger said they had lost their Christmas presents due to the issues getting their baggage back.

They said: “Chaos at Heathrow Airport tonight. Zero ground staff to get us off the plane and no baggage handlers so all sent home without our cases.

“Off to see my friends and family with one outfit and zero Xmas presents. Merry Christmas.”

Tourists can submit out of pocket expenses to British Airways at www.ba.com/helpme.

Lost baggage advice (Citizens Advice)

  • Report the problem to the airline straight away
  • Ask the airline what documents you’ll need
  • Check deadlines

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