Hidden beach town that only the Italians know about

Ospadaletti is in the Italian Province of Imperia, in Liguria, northern Italy. It’s named after a 14th-century hospital that was established by the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem.

It’s nothing like you’d expect for a beach resort which makes it all the more alluring. Ospedaletti is barely known beyond the local population its 3,000 residents. 

Despite the fact that France, in particular, Nice is only an hour’s drive away, it only sees a handful of French holidaymakers. Generally, it’s only the Italians who are in the know. 

The town is home to some stunning beaches. Rated number one on TripAdvisor is Cala PaRa Mari. One Italian reviewer wrote: “There are places that take your heart the first time you see them. For me, it was love at first sight. Here, in addition to the crystal clear sea, you will find truly special managers who make your relaxing days an experience that you cannot do without.”

One dubbed it “a real find”.

There are beach clubs galore along the coastline of crystalline clear waters. At Caletta del Gabbiano beach club, sun loungers under pretty striped parasols sit on a pebbly beach alongside wooden decking. 

When you’re not on the beach, you can be working off some of the superb food you’ll enjoy here cycling along the Pista Ciclabile cycle path. 

Ospedaletti has some superb restaurants. Bar Alba, with its pretty courtyard, serves homemade ravioli. Downstairs, the Bagni Byblos is a family-run beach restaurant.

You may think a town this small is a bit sleepy, but the Commune di Ospedaletti (local tourist office) is very active offering the community a raft of summertime events such as concerts, plays, puppet shows, even night sky viewings.

Don’t miss the stunning Laura Home and Collection at Villa San Luca, part of the Condo per I’Ambiente Italiano. This incredible villa is full of antiques collected by former residents Luigi Anton and his wife Renata Sales.

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