Holidaymakers gatecrash Spanish news bulletin with giant inflatable sex toy

Spain: News broadcast gatecrashed by phallic inflatable

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The pair inadvertently invaded a flagship Spanish lunchtime news bulletin seen by millions of people every day with the bright pink penis. Veteran reporter Lluis Mestres was in the middle of a live broadcast about the large numbers of international flights in and out of busy Palma Airport when the two women walked by. One had her left arm wrapped tightly round the inflatable which was only partly covered by her coat on top of the giant left testicle and left nothing to the imagination.

The women, who didn’t look Spanish but whose nationalities and identities remain unknown, appeared to cast their eye in the direction of the cameras as they walked by but continued through the airport terminal without stopping after leaving the arrivals lounge.

The hilarious moment was caught on Telediario 1, the afternoon 3pm edition of the Telediario news bulletin on Spanish state-owned channel TVE.

The flagship newscast, one of three Telediario editions a day, is the longest-running programme in the history of television in Spain as it has been broadcast daily since September 15 1957 when dictator Francisco Franco was still in power.

Each of the three average around 2.6 million viewers.

The phallus they were carrying left stunned viewers in little doubt they had travelled to Majorca for a hen do.

But there was no immediate confirmation they had been spotted drinking in bars in Magaluf, the most likely destination for the duo, with their inflatable friend.

And one local took to Twitter on Saturday to claim he had seen them on the seafront in the island capital Palma.

Spaniard Merche Ortega replied: “What a party they’ll be having”.

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Another, Alejandro Catalan, posted footage of a smaller sex toy appearing on a moving conveyor belt to the amusement of travellers waiting to collect their luggage and joked: “At least they’ve had the balls to collect theirs.

“This one doesn’t appear to have an owner.”

TV reporter Lluis, who was so focused on the job in hand he seemed not to see the women and their rude inflatable when they walked past, retweeted a screenshot of the unforgettable moment after it happened.

The fan who posted it wrote “The Telediario records the best Easter getaway.”


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