‘I forced my bag into plane bins and broke someone’s souvenirs – I’m not sorry’

Going on holiday is great fun and often we choose to buy souvenirs to remind us of the memories we've made. While for some a cheap keyring or magnet will do others spend hundreds of pounds on precious items to take home.

Unfortunately, one tricky part of travel is that fragile items aren't always easy to keep in one piece. Airports, planes, taxis and trains can come with hazards we all have to navigate.

That's just what happened to one unfortunate tourist when her souvenirs were destroyed by a fellow passenger – except he didn't tell her leaving the woman to discover the issue later on.

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Someone took to Reddit's 'Am I the a**hole' forum to ask whether they were in the wrong for breaking someone's holiday souvenirs and not admitting it.. They claim they had "jammed" their bag in to the overhead locker which resulted in the issue.

They wrote: "When I was boarding my flight in Orlando the overhead bin in my seating area was full. I have a hard-sided carry-on bag that is the exact size to fit in that space.

"I made some room and jammed in my bag. I heard a crunch but nobody around me said anything. When I went to my connecting flight I heard a lady complaining on the phone to someone about her souvenirs getting broken. Apparently what she does on flights is stuff her bag in the overhead bin closest to the front she can find even if she is sitting at the back of the plane. That way she doesn't have to carry her carry-on all the way off and off of the plane."

They admitted that they didn't say anything, but said their mum was giving them "stink eye because she heard the crunch too", so she knew that they'd broken the woman's souvenirs – which could not easily be replaced.

"When we got home she said I was wrong to stuff my bag into a full bin. I asked her if I was supposed to take my bag all the way to the back to find space for it. She said I had a smart mouth", they added.

In the comments, the people of Reddit shamed the poster because they didn't admit fault. One wrote: "You're the a**hole. It's truly irrelevant where this lady put her bag on the plane. Someone could have easily been sitting right next to you with something breakable overhead.

"Just be more careful/considerate next time and don't jam your hard-side if it's not fitting. It's a shared area (aka not just for you). You can always ask an attendant for help. That being said, it's insane to me that anyone would put something breakable in the overhead bins. You were both careless."

Someone else noted: "Everyone sucks here. People who put their bags up front and take up bin space way in front of their seats suck. So do people who jam bags into already-crammed bins. Putting breakables in an overhead bin is idiotic." Another said: "You're the a**hole. You owe this woman money."

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