‘I tried out TikTok travel hack that saves you money on Ryanair luggage fees’

A travel hack shared widely on social media site TikTok has shown passengers how to keep Ryanair flights as cheap as possible by avoiding luggage fees.

The cheap airline often has sales which flog flights for as little as £10, but it recoups its costs by charging extra for cabin or checked baggage.

Unlike some more expensive flights Ryanair only allows you to take a small handbag or laptop bag for free.

But, clever travellers have found some ways to beat the rules using clever tricks and packing hacks.

Reporter Katie Williams, at GlasgowLive, tried one out to find out whether it works.

Katie wrote: "For full transparency, I was away for a week and stayed with family which means I already had access to a washing machine, pyjamas and shower products.

"My return flight to Ireland West Airport came to a total of £34, including seats (around £6 each) and fast track security (about 5.99) at the airport. So my actual flight tickets were only £17 return.

"If I were to add another hand luggage, it would have cost me between £14 and £20 – and I certainly didn't want to spend more on my luggage than my actual flights.

"So sticking with my trusty rucksack that fits Ryanair's hand luggage allowance (40x20x25cm), I made sure I could fit in everything I need to keep the costs low."

She added: "On the day of booking my flight, I went onto Amazon and found the small clear bags that the woman used in her video.

"Of course there are plenty of different types from different companies. You can see a selection if you simply google 'Packing cubes'.

"These are the ones I bought here. The clear toiletry bags came in three sizes as a pack for £8.99.

"I knew I would be taking my book, my laptop, makeup and clothes, and I often find clothes can somehow take up more space that I planned.

"This is where the hack comes in. Taking the biggest clear bag, that's around nine inches, I tightly rolled three tops and a pair of jeans and placed them in the bag. The tops side by side and the jeans on top.

"And the bag zipped, keeping them compact and with ease I could slide the cube into my rucksack."

The reporter noted: "Socks and underwear easily went into the mid-size clear bag and as I used the airport's little plastic bag for liquids and makeup, I found I didn't need to use the smallest toiletry bag.

"Like a game of Tetris, I place each packing cube into my rucksack, one along the bag, another in the side, my laptop slid in like normal, and the bag of liquids and makeup was placed on top for ease to take out at security.

"With no issues at security, it wasn't long until I was on my £8 flight to Ireland – and that's when I decided that I will never pay for extra luggage again."

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