I tried the rolling packing method for hand luggage – results

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I hate paying for hold luggage if I’m only going on a trip for a few nights. But it can be a real challenge to fit everything in a cabin bag, especially if you need bulky clothes for a winter trip.

I’m usually a last minute, ‘throw everything in the case’ kind of packer, but while this might be quick, it definitely isn’t a space-efficient way to pack.

The travel experts at Airport Parking Reservations said: “To fold or to roll is the age-old question, but we find that rolling is the best space-saving method. Clothes stack much easier when rolled.”

I wanted to see if using the rolling method could help me fit more winter clothes in my suitcase.

A favourite of flight attendants and pilots, the rolling method is what it says on the tin, and involves rolling all your clothes instead of folding.

I love taking thermal tops on winter city breaks so I started with one of my long sleeved black t-shirts.

First, I tucked in the sleeves and smoothed out all the wrinkles, then started rolling from the bottom of the top, all the way up to the neckline.

The trick is to make each roll very tight, squeezing out any excess space, air and wrinkles as you go.

I then tried the rolling trick with my jeans, a staple item for exploring by day then going out at night.

I started from the waist and tightly rolled the jeans using both hands, squeezing out any excess air, until I reached the hem.

Although I didn’t opt for this method, some packers like to fold the jeans first so that one leg is on top of the other.

Both the rolled items fit very neatly inside my case, leaving space for me to pack more items on top.

Personally, I’m not sure that rolling my top made much difference to folding it. It’s a lightweight top and is usually very flat when folded.

However, I could really see the difference when it came to the jeans and they definitely took up much less room folded.

But while rolling might let you take more items on your holiday, it can be a nightmare when it comes to creases.

My thermal top wasn’t any more creased than when I folded it, but my jeans were definitely a little wrinkled.

If you are going for the rolling method, you might need to use the hotel iron or a steamer once you arrive.

I wouldn’t recommend rolling linen or easily wrinkled items as they will almost certainly need to be ironed on arrival.

If you don’t want to crack out the iron, you could always try hanging your clothes up in the hotel bathroom while you shower.

The steam can smooth out any wrinkles and you won’t waste any time cracking out the ironing board.

When it comes to going home, I’d definitely recommend the rolling method as I always wash everything so creases are no issue.

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