‘I was kicked off a flight after having a mimosa and a half at the airport bar’

A woman claims she was kicked off her flight after having a drink at the airport, leaving her "livid".

TikTok user Kandace H, @kandace_h, claims she had had a mimosa and a half – that's around 2.25 units of alcohol – at the airport bar in Portland before boarding the Alaska Airlines flight.

A mimosa is a mixture of Prosecco and orange juice – often called a Bucks Fizz here in the UK – and plenty of us have enjoyed one ahead of a holiday.

While being inebriated means you can get refused boarding or be labelled 'unfit to fly', Kandace claims that she was not drunk at the time of the incident.

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She described the removal as "completely unacceptable" and noted that she was "utterly embarrassed" by the incident in a TikTok video, alleging that she was asked to de-board her flight to Las Vegas in the US.

"THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! I AM LIVID!" she wrote in the caption on the video, before calling for cabin crew members from the flight to be fired.

She added: "I was BLATANTLY lied on and removed from the plane… UTTERLY embarrassed by your staff!"

Kandace offered her version of events to viewers on the video app, claiming that staff "pulled me off the plane" moments before take-off.

When a flight attendant approached her, Kandace says she was expecting to be told to put her backpack under her seat as it was on her lap.

Rather than asking her to move the bag, the flight attendant said Kandace had to get off the plane, she claimed.

"I asked her like four times: 'Are you kidding me?'" she said.

Kandace says she then went to the plane toilet to call her colleague, after which she claims the flight attendant asked her multiple times if she was okay.

The holidaymaker says she had a mimosa and a half at the airport bar – claiming that she didn't finish her second glass because she had to head to the gate.

Kandace alleges she was then "pulled off the plane" before she was accused of "slurring her words" and whispering "I’m drunk, shhh", claims she denies.

Kandace said she had to wait four and a half hours to get another flight home later that day.

In the UK, it can be a criminal offence to be drunk on a plane.

Drinking any of your own alcohol, including that which you've bought from duty free, on a flight is also banned and could land you in a lot of trouble.

It is up to members of the cabin crew to decide whether to refuse to serve any passenger and whether they are allowed to stay on the flight. Causing disruption on a flight can also see rule breakers landing hefty fines and even up to two years in prison, depending on the level of disruption.

Alaska Airlines told Daily Star: "At Alaska, safety is our top priority. We train and empower our crews to make decisions that ensure the safety of all on board the aircraft.

"Part of keeping a flight safe is making sure all guests are fit to fly.

"One of the passengers exhibited concerning behavior during the preboarding process and was asked to exit the aircraft due to safety concerns.

"After resolving our concerns, we booked the passenger on the next scheduled flight to their intended destination."


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