‘I was running late to catch my flight – then I found quick way to airport’

We’ve all panicked when heading to the airport ahead of a flight.

Running late due to late packing, sleeping in or missing the train can all result in quite a kerfuffle.

If you’re not through security and at the gate by the end of boarding your plane is leaving without you! They won’t wait…

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Well, one bloke was recently running so late for his flight from New York to London Gatwick that he hired an unusual method of getting to the airport.

Kevin Droniak posted about it on TikTok where he revealed he’d hired a helicopter to take him across the city.

Sitting in his room, looking fed up, Kevin, @kevindroniak, explained: "My flight takes off in one hour and I’m still at my apartment in Manhattan."

It turns out the mix up happened because Kevin isn’t "used to military time" – that’s the 24 hour clock to you and me.

His flight was set to depart at 18:20 or 6.20pm – but Kevin thought it meant 10.20pm instead.

Having realised his mistake at the last minute, he said: "Right now it’s five-o-clock."

Generally you should arrive at the airport at least two hours before your boarding time. Boarding is usually around 20 to 30 minutes before take off.

So, Kevin should have been at the airport for around 4pm to absolutely make his plane and leave some time for traffic, security queues and check-in.

But, he had a plan and said: "The only way for me to get there in time is by a helicopter…

"So that’s what I’m gonna do and we’re gonna see if I make it."

The TikTok creator wryly explained he had planned to save money that day which would be blown by the ride.

He said: "This is hilarious because today I said I’m gonna be frugal and take the subway to JFK and save some money and now I’m taking a helicopter, but it is cheaper than buying a new flight."

Kevin showed himself walking into the place he would get the helicopter from. He said: "I made it to the helipad."

The white, black and gold helicopter sat with its propellers already spinning as a worker flung open the door for Kevin to hop in.

He posed in front of him glam ride before sitting in the brown leather seats with his ear defenders on and filmed out of the window at the view of New York.

He then headed into the airport from the helipad and added: "I made it to the airport it was only a five minute flight. There are 30 minutes until the doors close and I think I’m gonna make it."

He revealed he had made it in time to catch his flight.

The video quickly went viral with almost 700,000 likes and thousands of gobsmacked comments.

Brooke Ashton Lackey joked: "Paying for a helicopter and then flying Norse is my kind of girl math."

While others were shocked that you could get an Uber helicopter.

One person added: "For those who wonder about the price – Google says it’s about $200 for Uber Helicopter."

Others said they’d thought he was joking about getting a helicopter. While Amanda said: "I am reminded that I am poor."

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