‘I’m a flight attendant and it drives me mad when passengers push call button’

Flight attendants may have a glamorous job in the skies, but they’re people just like the rest of us…

Everyone has something that annoys them at work whether its customers, technology or demanding colleagues.

But, it seems for cabin crew there’s one thing that really irritates them – and you’re probably guilty of doing it yourself.

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They dislike when you hit your call button – to ask a flight attendant to come over – at specific times and it even drives them “bonkers”, reports the Mirror.

Flight attendant Kat Kamalani, who has thousands of followers on TikTok, @katkamalani, explained that she hates it when people press the call button at the wrong time.

She explained flight attendants won't even come and help you if you switch the light during this time.

Kat noted: "It drives flight attendants bonkers when you hit your flight attendant button if we are on the tarmac or if we're going up or down on the aircraft."

Apparently this is because tending to you while the plane is taxiing, taking off or landing can cause injuries.

During this time, flight attendants are usually strapped into their seat.

Walking down the aisle can be bumpy and may cause staff to fall, hit their head or be otherwise injured.

She explained: "The reason being it's a huge safety issue for us, we could get injured and same with you guys.

“So if we're on the tarmac, you hit this and it's not some kind of emergency we're going straight back to our seat.

"If you hit this while we're going up on the aircraft or we're going down landing, we won't even come to the light we'll come to it afterwards.

"But don't hit this button if you need a barf bag or a blanket, water, headphones, food, any of that stuff because your flight attendant won't be so happy."

People responded in the comments.

One person said: "I thought they would just come whenever they thought it was ok.

“I didn't know they would hold a grudge on it."

While another said: “"Had to hit the help button on the tarmac once.

“The attendants ignored it two times, but my mom was having a heart attack.

“After the third time they came over to tell me to stop pushing it. Then they saw what was happening.”

A third added: "A barf bag is kinda good to have, no? Consider the alternative….which is cleaning it up once the light is out."

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So, if there’s an emergency know that you can definitely try and get the crew’s attention.

But, if you’re just cold or want water leave it until the seatbelt sign blinks out.

Kat’s not the only flight attendant to get annoyed by passengers.

Cabin crew member Kristina, 27, from Moscow, Russia, has worked for Aeroflot for six years and claims to have “lots of advice” for passengers.

She said that she hates when people ask her for water.

Kristina explained: “Number one – don’t push the call button for asking for a cup of water because our job is hard!”


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