‘I’m a former flight attendant and passengers should never hand rubbish to crew’

When we’re heading on holidays, the plane journey is when most of us start to get excited.

You’ve dealt with the stress of airport security, checked in your bags, made it to the gate and can finally relax.

But, it’s seems there are lots of passenger behaviours that irritate the cabin crew.

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You might be about to go on holiday, but are you making the flight attendant’s work day worse?

One flight attendant has already revealed that you shouldn’t ask the crew to bring you water, and now a former member of cabin crew has spilled more flight secrets for passengers.

Madeline Forsyth, an ex-air hostess, told Narcity that tourists should never hand their rubbish to the cabin crew.

She noted: “The crew will come around to collect trash at least once per flight, depending on how long it is.

“This is the ideal opportunity to get rid of your garbage, as the flight attendants will have equipment like gloves and plastic bags for a sanitary collection.

“You can keep your trash in one of the paper bags in the seat pocket if it makes things easier.”

She continued: “No one wants to touch other people's dirty napkins or tissues (I've been handed a used diaper before), and they likely won't be wearing gloves at the time.”

She suggested asking the flight attendants politely for the best place to throw away napkins, food wrappers and other rubbish.

They’ll usually point out the nearest bin – after all nobody wants to handle your dirty tissues.

Some flight attendants even claim that passengers have handed them full sick bags before.

Not a nice experience we imagine…


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