‘I’m a former flight attendant and we hate when passengers stand in the galley’

There are lots of things that annoy Brits at work – but when you’re in a plane 35,000ft in the air it seems there are some specific bug bears.

Flight attendants are usually smiling and helpful workers when you go on holiday.

They bring your food and drinks, help to answer any questions and, of course, are ready to leap into action in an emergency.

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But, even when all goes to plan it seems there are some things which make being a cabin crew member difficult.

Madeline Forsyth, a former flight attendant, told Narcity that she hates it when passengers decide to relax in the galley.

The galley is the area where the crew store the food and drink, sit down and eat their own meals.

It’s a slightly larger section of the plane – usually by the lavatory – where it may feel better to stretch your legs.

But, congregating in the area can mean you get in the way of the workers doing their jobs.

She explained: "It's okay to stand up and stretch, especially during long flights, but if you're loitering in the galley area for long periods of time, it will make things difficult for the flight attendants."

Fellow flight attendants also shared their biggest pet peeves when working on Reddit.

One cabin crew worker said: "Drunk People. All drunk people after take-off are horrible, until they pass out. Then they just smell."

Someone replied to her: "Never understood why people choose to drink when they're trapped with no where to go, and not much to do for several hours, thousands of feet up in the air, crammed in next to complete strangers."

While another said: "My number one pet peeve is cutting your nails or toenails on the plane.

"I can hear that s*** from back in the galley even if you're in row two that's the most disgusting f***ing thing in the world to do on a plane."


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