Inside Europe’s biggest Halloween festival with creepy witches & twisted clowns

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Shocktober Fest is one of the most spine-tingling events available at Halloween.

Tulleys Farm provides the backdrop to the spooktacular extravaganza which sees guests panic as they're chased by 'killer clowns' and 'chainsaw-wielding maniacs'.

Celebrities like Liberty Poole and Pete Wicks were there to road-test Europe's biggest scream park, which is located in Tulleys Farm, Crawley.

And Daily Star writer Layla Nicholson also went along for the ride to see if the event really is as scary as it claims.

Here's what we made of it…

Being someone who usually hides behind the pillow when watching anything relatively scary, Shocktober Fest is not something I would usually opt for.

But I guess Europe’s biggest Halloween attraction was the perfect way to face my fears.

Donning my favourite cow jumper arriving suitably dressed for a night of terrors on the farm, I said a little prayer and entered onto Tulleys farm full of fear.

Horrorwood Haunted Hayride

The first attraction I managed to brave was the Horrorwood Hayride which I thought would be a safe bet.

How wrong I was.

The immersive haunt whisks me away from the traditional element of walking through mazes by sticking me on the back of a trailer on a tractor.

Feeling very one with the farm now, I quickly realised that I would not be seeing a flock of sheep or a group of pigs.

Instead, the tractor would take me around the ‘Horrorwood’ studios, where all the usual creepy suspects would be waiting to pounce out from the woods.

Thinking I was safe in the confines of the trailer, I was shocked when the spooky actors came aboard interacting with me and the fellow thrill seekers.

From cowboys to creepy witches in cabins, the haunt had all the classic spooky characters.

When I thought the scares were over, three ghastly looking nuns made their way onto the trailer.

Crossing my fingers that they do not pick me, I said my prayers. However, despite their rather horror movie looking outfits, the actors burst out into song and dance to a classic pop hit.

I guess I was told to expect the unexpected, but I did not expect that.

Chop shop

Enter the incestual mechanics. The hillbilly overrun chop shop was most probably the loudest attraction.

After being greeted by the female actors of the chop shop who were teasing the spooks I was about to experience.

The real scares kicked in.

Horrifyingly, actors armed with chainsaws chased me around the maze.

After a while, the maze started to get a little predictable as I knew at every corner I would be met with a sweaty white vested man wielding the loud machinery.

The Island

I feel like this was the longest maze out of all of the attractions I managed to go on.

We all know what a misty morning autumn looks like in the UK. One fellow thrill seeker shouted out: “It feels like I’ve gone to heaven.”

For a moment, I did wonder if I had made it to the golden gates having perhaps popped my clogs out of fear. Rest assured, I found myself in very close proximity to a wall and managed to navigate to the exit.

‘Heaven’ did not last for long as I quickly found myself acquainted with some hellish beings from pig headed humans to strange bird type hybrids.

The Island really is a maze that really tests your limits, with jump scares hidden around every corner and crevice.

Twisted Clowns

If you have the common phobia of clowns, then this attraction really is not for you. Having experienced the other mazes in the comfort of 2D, whacking on some 3D glasses really ups the ante.

Geared up with some 3D specs, I stepped foot into the twisted clown maze.

Think Penny Wise meets a UV freshers rave.

A weird combo but unusually it works. Neon paint was splashed upon the walls and equally worn by the actors.

At first the maze is more enjoyable than scary with hyperactive actors prancing about in their fluorescent attire.

However, the party did not last for long as a barrage of spooky clowns started to stalk me on my walk around the maze.

Fearing every corner, the circus themed maze.

Wastelands Penitentiary

The prison themed attraction took up a whole section of the farm, boasting live performances from the actors every so often.

Built around shipping containers, the intensity of the maze started even before I step foot in it.

After weaving in and out of orange jumpsuit clad actors in dorms and security offices, I found myself in the ‘main’ section of the prison.

Suddenly, I felt like I was in Orange is the New Black but in set in a club.

Scantily clad actors, in dominatrix style skimpy black leotards and fishnet tights climbed the metal rails under the strobe lights.

However, this was most probably the least scary out of the five horror mazes I experienced. I think what was more off putting was the intensity of the strobe lights.

Overall, the park was not as scary as I anticipated and I rarely jumped out of my skin like I thought. Clearly, a lot of effort has been put into the attractions to make it ‘Europe’s’ biggest scream park’.

The attractions were paired with quality acting, well thought out sets and also a sprinkle of light-hearted fun to make the jump scares easier to stomach.

The park is not only for adults but can be suited to kids who are on more of the courageous side. I knew I had to toughen up when I saw children beating the mazes!

Tickets start at £12 for entry to the park and £38 to get your hands on a ticket to experience all of the 10 haunts.

Tulley's farm was not short of scares or fun, just make sure you bring some wellies and maybe a hand to hold!

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