‘I’ve earned £280k from OnlyFans and now go on holidays just because I’m bored’

An OnlyFans star raking in wads of cash every week shared her success after landing a job of her dream.

Amber, from Brisbane in Australia, managed to buy herself a $30,000 (£16,300) car after posting content on subscription platform OnlyFans.

She is now earning more than $500,000 (£273,000) a year.

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On her TikTok account, the 22-year-old dresses up in cute, sexy outfits to tease her fans.

In one clip, she put on a white cropped corset and a mini skirt to flaunt her cleavage and toned abs.

As the music went up, she danced to the beat and twisted her pony tail, saying: "Still can't figure out what the lyrics to the song are."

The busty redhead had always dreamed of becoming a flight attendant, but the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to those plans.

Despite the setback, she was determined to find a way to achieve her monetary goals.

After discovering OnlyFans, Amber realised she could earn a living doing something she loved while still having the freedom to travel and explore the world.

After just six months on the adult-only subscription platform, Amber was able to travel to far-flung locations like the US, Indonesia and New Caledonia from the money she earned.

"My passion is property, and I always dreamed of investing in as much property as I could to eventually live off that," she added.

"Thanks to OnlyFans, I am now able to pursue my passion and live the life I want.

"OnlyFans gives me the freedom to live my life exactly as I please.

"I can work whenever I want, and I always have a consistent income. It's an amazing feeling to be able to book a cruise one week before the trip just because I’m bored."

But the adult star revealed it wasn't an easy journey for her before OnlyFans.

Amber started her first job at 15 in a local fish and chip shop and she dropped out of school halfway through Year 11.

She struggled to find a job that she truly enjoyed and that's when she decided to start her own OnlyFans page with help from an agency.


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