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A Russian fighter jet that had been shot down had an emergency landing in Syria, a Russian official confirmed to Russias Interfax news agency on Wednesday, as Moscow ratcheted up the pressure on Syria over the downing of a military jet. NATO also scrambled jets to search for the pilot of the Russian plane that had been downed on Sunday. On Tuesday Russia had warned that any further strikes on Syrian targets by the U. Risked provoking a Russian response, and on Wednesday Moscow insisted that it had no intention of doing so, Interfax reported. However, Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said on Tuesday that Russia had carried out at least two other attacks on Syrian targets on Wednesday, according to Russias TASS news agency. Russias military presence near the Turkish border is significant, with the Russian air force conducting more than 90 percent of the strikes in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad over the conflict. Turkey is one of Assads most staunch opponents, but has also sought to coordinate its own military attacks in Syria with Russia to push against Islamic State militants. Turkey says the latest downing of its plane by a Russian plane is an act of aggression. Russia has said it is investigating the incident, and that it does not consider the crash to be a hostile act by Turkey. The pilots of the plane belonged to the same air force unit. Kerry said Wednesday that the downing of the jet was an act of aggression that would have consequences. The United States condemns todays downing of a Russian aircraft near the Turkish-Syrian border, Kerry said in a statement. This is a serious escalation and new evidence that the regime of Bashar al-Assad is indiscriminately bombing Syrians who oppose his brutal regime. Kerry said that he had spoken with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, by phone Wednesday morning and would meet in New York with their respective foreign ministers, Sergey V. The United States is planning to put together a formal response to the downing of the jet, which comes amid growing concern that Russia may be stepping up its air strikes on moderate opposition groups in the hope of forcing Assads departure. This obviously is a very grave situation and there will be a response coming from us to that, and I think the U. Has to be ready for a range of responses, including military, economic, diplomatic and, obviously, political responses to this act, Kerry said. Putin told reporters after a meeting with Turkish officials on Tuesday night that he was considering retaliatory measures. The situation in Syria has dramatically deteriorated to the extent that the state of affairs doesnt allow for the continuation of.

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