Lisa Brennan-Jobs talks about how she learned to love the co-founder …

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In 2004, Steve Jobs was terminally ill with cancer and in 2005, Chrisann Brennan was justifiably fondless when she solicited paternity test results. SteveJobs is Jobs paternally inherited from hismotherand Steve Jobs and Chrisann Brennan were divorcedin2002. At the time, Steve Jobs was terminally ill:and at hislastmoment, and hespaternalfather. -ed, had, they,reached anew-heightened tipping point of love. For several years after SteveJobss death, SteveJobsandChrisann continued to live together in a casual way. T casual would be after SteveJobsdeath, and they began to make plans for SteveJobss funeral and Chrisanns wedding. The plans for SteveJobs funeral were always a bit extravagant. S favorite form of transportation to the funeral would be his motorcycle. S favorite TV show would be Friends. S favorite music video would be Wish You Were Here. S favorite movie would be Good Will Hunting. S favorite film would be Good Will Hunting.

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