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JobApple, a legal battle was in theview the whole story. Brenners daughter started in January of 2000, when Jobs was married to his first wife, Laurene Martin-Stevens. Jobs was still married to his first wife when the couple conceived their daughter, Lisa. Jobs did not reveal the childs gender until September 2000. Shortly after Lisa appeared on the Apple scene, Jobs told the press of his family:My oldest child, Lisa, is my only child. I dont want to talk about her too much, because it could be very hard for her and I want to protect her. Shes got a great personality and Im sure shell make a great Apple executive one day. When Jobs first child, Lisa, turned three in 2000, Jobs and Brenner announced the birth. The announcement stated:Jobs and Brenner also revealed that Lisa has a father who is a computer scientist and that Lisa will be named Steve Jobs after Steve Jobs, the founding father of Apple. Jobs and Brenner also revealed the names of Lisas mother:Jobs and Brenner also stated that the name Lisa reflects Jobs and Brenners friendship which will be represented through Lisas relationship with the childs father. Jobs and Brenner also said that Lisas father is also involved in the research that goes into the products that Lisa develops. Apple also had Lisas second birthday party, held at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino, California. A few months after Lisas second birthday, Jobs told an interviewer that he had a little bit of trouble in his relationship with his daughter. My relationship with my daughter is very important to me. I did feel a little bit of the pain of that process. When I came across this, I thought, well, thatll give me some kind of closure. Steve Jobs, Steve Brenner, Lisa Brenner, and their daughter Lisa Brenner Jobs. In the beginning, Jobs denied paternity and it was only after he was in legal battle with Martin that he came to accept his paternity. Jobs daughter has never denied her fathers paternity of her, however. Lisa Brenners relationship to Steve Jobs had been described as close.

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