London airport named as ‘the most stressful airport in Europe’ – ‘disgraceful’

Nick Ferrari slams the running of Heathrow Airport

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Airports have come under fire in recent weeks due to long queues and delays caused by a staff shortage and influx of post-pandemic trouble. But which airport takes the top spot of most stressful in Europe?

The Digital PR hub at Legacy Communication analysed Europe’s busiest airports ahead of Easter weekend.

It collected data from the annual number of passengers, rate of delays, social media sentiment including 2,500 tweets and more than 10,000 passenger reviews to gauge which of Europe’s airports is the most stress-inducing.

In recent weeks UK Airports have struggled enormously, with Manchester Airport experiencing pandemonium.

So, it is no surprise that Heathrow Airport takes the cake when it comes to causing stress for travellers.

Coming in at number two for most stressful airport was Dublin Airport, which has also been met with frustration as of recent due to delays and staff shortages.

Manchester Airport, which just saw its managing director, Karen Smart, step down over similar issues landed at number three.

Another London airport, Gatwick, ranked as the seventh place most stressful airport in Europe.

London’s Stansted was revealed to provide the thirteenth most taxing airport experience.

25 most stressful airports

1. Heathrow Airport

2. Dublin Airport

3. Manchester Airport

4. Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport

5. Frankfurt am Main International Airport

6. Charles de Gaulle International Airport

7. Gatwick Airport

8. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

9. Munich Airport

10. Istanbul Atatürk Airport

11. Barcelona–El Prat Airport

12. Lisbon Portela Airport

13. London Stansted Airport

14. Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport

15. Vienna International Airport

16. Palma De Mallorca Airport

17. Düsseldorf International Airport

18. Oslo Airport, Gardermoen

19. Brussels Airport

20. Zürich Airport

21. Copenhagen Airport

22. Stockholm Arlanda Airport

23. Milan–Malpensa Airport

24. Athens International Airport

25. Antalya Airport

But what makes Heathrow Airport so tense?

The London airport ranked number one in negative sentiment social media analysis with a score of -263.

Just the other day it was revealed that Heathrow Airport passenger numbers are the highest they have been since the pandemic.

@markcameron666 tweeted: “Is this good news? Just look at the mess in the airports right now.”

Earlier today, a passenger who travelled via Heathrow expressed their dissatisfaction with the airport.

In response to a Heathrow Airport official tweet about “a dedicated team” to “support passengers who need assistance”, @justsportshumour claimed: “Send the team to passport checks. Disgraceful.

Gatwick landed itself in third place for overall flight delays with a score of 96.17.

Speaking about the results, Claire O’Grady of the Digital PR Hub @ Legacy Communications commented: “Our data and Digital PR team spent the last week pulling this data together to reveal that Heathrow Airport was currently Europe’s most stressful airport, followed by Dublin Airport, Manchester, Madrid, Frankfurt, and Charles de Gaulle.

“The fact that Dublin and Manchester Airport were so close to Heathrow in the rankings in spite of having significantly fewer annual passengers was a very interesting pattern within the data – especially given that the other airports listed in the top 10 also had significantly higher passenger numbers.”

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