Luxury campsite pods that come with its own hot tub, TV and magical sights

Audiences online are being blown away by a luxury camping site in Worcester thanks to its incredible sights, cosy atmosphere and hot tub.

When most people thinking of camping, they imagine living off the wild like Bear Grylls, surviving rough conditions, huddling over a small badly constructed campfire where you roast marshmallows while drinking hot chocolate.

But Redhill Holidays is challenging that notion, with luxury pods that are complete with a TV, large bed, two chairs and a Chiminea fireplace, not to mention the hot tub.

The video was shared by TikTok user @scarlett_millsx, which shows the incredible camping site both during the day and at night and gives a sneak peek at the glamourous amenities at the location.

The clip, which has been viewed over 950,000 times and has over 114,000 likes, begins with a step through the doorway and onto the balcony where the luxury pod is located, showcasing the beautiful green landscape surrounding the site.

Viewers are then taken inside one of the pods, showing the roomy and cosy interior, complete with a TV, large bed, two chairs and a Chiminea fireplace.

The video then shifts to the view from the balcony hot tub, again showcasing the landscape as the sun goes down giving campers a stunning view to gaze upon.

The conclusion of the video shows just how cosy the pods are once the sun goes down, with the fireplace giving the room a warm amber glow.

Viewers were clearly impressed by the luxury camping retreat, with one user commenting: “I’ve just booked to go in March because of you! Thank you! Can’t wait."

Another commenter echoed this sentiment, writing: “I’ve booked to go based on this TikTok.”

A third added: “Stayed here last summer, it’s amazing!”

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