Martin Lewis’ Extreme Savers: Avoid hand luggage costs with creative coat trick

Martin Lewis Extreme Savers: Expert on how to cut luggage costs

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Hand luggage prices vary from airline to airline but can add significant cost on top of the price of a flight ticket. Luckily, Martin Lewis’ Extreme Savers has offered an insight into how holidaymakers can avoid the need for hand luggage altogether, without leaving any of their essentials behind.

However, the tip does come at the risk of raising a few eyebrows along the way.

In the episode, one holidaymaker dubbed Lee “luggage wearer” Cimino put this trick to the test with the help of an oversized coat with plenty of internal pockets.

“My friend and I were travelling to Ireland and the baggage rules changed two days before takeoff,” he said.

“We couldn’t now take on our cabin bag free of charge with all of our essentials in.

“We would have to pay £6 to £8 pounds there and £6 to £8 back. The flight itself was only £14.99 return.

“It wasn’t going to break the bank but it was just the principal, so my friend and I put our heads together.”

The duo came up with the idea of “wearing all of their belongings” instead.

Martin Lewis explained: “Instead of paying to check in his luggage Lee decided to adapt an old coat of his and wear all of his belongings instead.”

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Lee added: “We’re all game for a laugh, we are not breaking any laws and we thought why not to try and get past the system.

“It was going to save us some money.”

With the help of a local tailor, who stitched multiple large pockets inside of an old coat, Lee was able to update his coat into something which could help him skirt around costly hand luggage fees.

While patting, he explained there was plenty of room to store his “essentials”.

“I literally got everything I needed [inside the coat]: a change of underwear, a change of clothing, an extra coat in case it rains,” he said.

“All of the essentials like toothpaste and a change of footwear.”

Though the holidaymaker was worried about checking in or getting past security with his odd outfit choice, it didn’t seem to cause any disruption along the way.

However, Lee did note: “I felt like a clown.”

Despite this, he added: “From check-in to security to getting on the plane there was no reaction and I was quite surprised.

“It was too simple really. It was very satisfying when we touched down on the tarmac in Belfast.

“Since returning from Belfast the coat has been used many times on ongoing trips.”

UK airlines vary in how much they will charge for hand luggage, so it is best to check directly with your provider.

British Airways, for example, allows all customers to carry one piece of hand luggage and one small item (handbag, laptop) on board.

Ryanair, however, states non-priority customers can only take one small bag (40cm x 20cm x 25cm). Anything larger than this must be purchased as a 10kg check-in bag at the time of booking online. This can cost between £6 and £30 online.

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