‘Might shock you’: Flight attendant spends time with certain passengers after flights

Flight attendant explains how to properly pack a bag

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Cierra Mist is a flight attendant with a huge 3.1 million followers on her TikTok account, her “life’s online diary”. She has amassed a huge 97.6 million likes on her video, documenting her travels. Cierra also boasts 144,000 followers on Instagram.

The cabin crew professional answered some of the most commonly asked questions travellers have for flight attendants.

She addressed one big mystery for many flyers, why do flight attendants turn the lights off during flights before landing? It is an answer that may worry some nervous flyers.

Cierra said: “Flight attendants will always turn off the cabin lights during take-off and landing because that’s most likely when we will get an emergency crash.

“Our eyes are going to be already adjusted to the outside settings.”

However, it only needs to be done while it is dark or dusk outside. Making it darker in the cabin allows cabin crew and passengers to see the floor lights that lead passengers towards the exits.

Another safety-focused question the cabin crew professional cleared up included why tables tray tables need to be fastened up and chairs brought upright before landing.

Cierra explained: “Speaking of crashes, the reason that we tell you guys to put your tray tables up and your seats forward is because if we get in a crash it actually only takes about 60 to 90 seconds for a whole plane to ignite in flames.”

Tray tables and reclined chairs can get in the way of passengers trying to leave the plane.

Cierra said: “If you have your tray table down, or your seat reclined, you are not only putting yourself in danger but the person sitting next to you.”

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Lastly, Cierra discussed a question she claims to be asked often. The airline professional told travellers she does spend time with some of her passengers after flying with them.

“This one might shock you a little, but I get this question all the time so I thought I would answer it for you now,” Cierra said.

“Yes, pilots and flight attendants, during our layovers, we don’t only hang out with each other.

“We actually hang out with our passengers, whether it be a hot guy or girl, or a really cool group of passengers.

“If you invite us to go hang out with you guys, chances are we are totally down.”

Cierra even told fans she has made some of her best memories with passengers.

She wrote in a comment: “Some of my best memories have been hanging out with passengers during my layovers!”

One fan wrote: “YOU HANGOUT W PASSENGERS? That’s so cool! I love these vids!” [sic]

Another said: “I love that you actually hang out with passengers!”

One wrote: “I always wondered about the seats and trays, thank you for explaining.”

Cierra also recently explained why flight attendants stand at the door when passengers board the plane. 

She said: “Ever wonder why we awkwardly stand at the entrance of the plane and greet you?

“While you may think we’re just saying hello or being friendly, what we’re doing is actually judging you hardcore, but not in the way that you might think.”

She explained passengers with particular traits are picked out by the crew to be ABPs, or abled body passengers.

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