Model blocked at border as she didn’t look like passport photo without make-up

A young woman claims she was prevented from entering a country because she looked so different from her passport photo.

Tatiana Lin, a Ukrainian actress and model based in Taiwan, says she was barred by border control as she looked too different to the snap without makeup.

She claims that her passport photo shows her wearing some cosmetics while she was bare-faced when flying, reports the Sun.

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Tatiana– who posts all about her travels on Instagram @_tatiana_lin – was in Malaysia with her boyfriend when the mix up happened.

Though she admitted that she did look pretty different on the day in question.

Posting on Instagram in traditional Chinese, she explained that customs originally denied her entry because she didn't look like the photo on her passport – although she admitted she did think the snap was "a little different".

Thankfully, the young beauty was eventually allowed to enter beautiful Malaysia.

She has since shared snaps and videos of herself dining on tasty noodles, splashing about in pools and enjoying fancy meals with her partner.

Makeup can affect your ability to enter a number of countries as it may cause Artificial Intelligence scanners to not recognise your facial features as a match with your passport.

In the UK, Brits are now able to submit passport photos digitally.

Unlike before, these can be taken on your phone.

However, rules still apply about what photos will be accepted.

The website states: “You must get a new photo when you get a new passport, even if your appearance has not changed.

“Your photo must have been taken in the last month. Your application will be delayed if your photos do not meet the rules.”

The photo must also be clear, in focus, in colour, unedited and the correct size.

There are strict rules too such as not having any hair covering your face or your eyes, making sure you face forward and look straight at the camera, and having your eyes open and visible.

You can wear clear glasses if you need them, but they cannot have any glare, reflection or shadow.

Similarly, head coverings are only accepted for religious or medical reasons.

Brits are allowed to wear makeup in their passport photos however it may be rejected if the cosmetics drastically alter how you look.

Heavy eyeliner or red lipstick may stop electronic passport gates from recognising your document shows you so it’s best to opt for a natural look.


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