Mum fuming after airline separates her from three-year-old daughter on flight

A mother has shared her horror after booking a flight with her toddler daughter only to be sat separately by the airline.

Many travellers know that unless you pay extra to choose your seat you may be separated from your partner or friends.

However, when flying with small children or babies most airlines aim to ensure at least one adult is sitting next to each child.

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But, this wasn’t what happened when Jennifer Keller took a trip to Delaware with her three-year-old.

The mum claims that she arrived at the airport to find that she and her small daughter had been given “seats in separate rows”.

The mum tried to fix the issue online, but didn’t manage to get it resolved even after calling the customer service line on the phone.

Jennifer noted that both the representative on the line and the gate agent said it was up to her to fix the issue.

She claims they said she should “try herself” to get someone to swap seats with her or her baby.

Jennifer told Insider : "We boarded the plane. When we got to my daughter's row and she grasped what was happening, she burst out crying."

Thankfully, a fellow passenger swapped seats with the mum – but she was very rude about having to do so.

The mum reports that the man would only swap with her because he "didn't want to listen to that” – meaning her toddler’s crying – “for the whole flight”.

Jennifer added that she didn’t want that kind of behaviour direct towards her child when the situation was not her fault.

She did state that she was awarded a $75 (£63) credit due to her experience, but Jennifer wants airlines to be held to higher standards to ensure minors are not separated from their parent or guardian.

One mum recently also caught people's attention after asking someone to switch seats with her on a flight – but people were quick to praise her tactics, which included giving the other person a better seat.

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