Naked Brits flock to UK’s largest nude festival with live music and hot tubs

A naked festival that sees 1000 nude Brits enjoying music, dancing and activities in the buff is back. This week – from July 4 to 9 – Somerset residents risk seeing bums and bare boobs as they wander the countryside.

Nudefest is an annual festival affiliates with the group British Naturism. It’s the ultimate music festival for anyone who prefers to live life without any clothes on.

Not only is there live music on the go where you can all dance around in your birthday suits, but there’s also plenty of other fun activities. You can sink down to relax in hot tubs or get sweating with some axe-throwing.

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According to Thorney Lakes – the venue for Nudefest – over 100 varied activities from exercise classes and workshops, sports tournaments and heath and wellbeing sessions can be enjoyed in the nude. There’s also arts and crafts and last year – a daily choir meeting and drum workshop.

Silent discos, comedy shows and even organised trips to the Cider Brandy Farm and foraging activities are on offer. Plus, you can sip away at the amusing inflatable pub without having to wear shoes, a shirt or even underwear.

Last year, archery, rifle and clay pigeon shooting, dance classes and body painting were all available at Nudefest. We hope guests are careful where they’re shooting!

Previously, one guest of the festival claims it made "all [her] insecurities disappear". Social media star Kate, @fullplatekate, shared her experiences from Nudefest back in 2022.

The social media star said: "Being naked was remarkably empowering. I saw so many bodies. Completely unique, and ALL beautiful.

"I loved being around people who seemed to be so confident and carefree. It made me realise that a body is just a body. It's a vessel that we live inside of.

"Also, everyone had cellulite. This might not be your cup of tea, and to be honest, I didn't think it was mine.

"However, today has helped me with my deepest most subconscious body-image issues. I have been able to let go of that fear of judgement from others. Because really, who actually cares?"

Other festival goers have also spoken about their fun at the big naked week-long festival. On TripAdvisor, Elf Bowman, from London, said: "Thorney Lakes were great hosts. They have a lovely site with spacious grounds that allowed for long naked walks and the positioning of marquees [to] cater for an entertainment including bar, catering, massage, shop and meetings."

While on the Naturist Guide, Lisa added: "I was a bit nervous of trying out nudism at first but I thought I would give it a try. Being female and very beautiful with a body that spends hours in the gym every week I thought I would get lots of stares.

"It was not like that, I actually met a nice man here who has become my partner and we plan on exploring more nudist venues in hope of meeting likeminded couples or singles."

Nudefest founder Andrew Welch said: "The UK Naturist community always looks forward to our flagship summer event. When I started it 17 years ago I had no idea it would become the sensation that it has.

"As well as regulars, we welcome new people every year – not only those new to Nudefest but those new to social nudity and many of the entertainers and suppliers join in.

"Through our year-round national and local events plus initiatives like Naked Heart Walks and the Great British Skinny Dip in partnership with the British Heart Foundation, we’re inspiring people to try this relaxing, healthy, exhilarating – and above all, fun way of being."

Tickets to Nudefest include day passes, four-day passes and six-day passes. You can camp or park a motorhome or caravan on site.

If you want to use a tent then you can still camp your car by the pitch. Prices start from £189 this year. Find out more at

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