Ocean acidification is the ongoing decrease in the pH of …

Information about Ocean acidification

It creates a problem with Oyster Farming, which-You continue to look for an option. Re sort of surprised when the screen appears with the option to close the application. Then you get a very odd feeling. Re going to have to do something and do it quickly. You go over to where it says close the program. Re plunged back into the void of a computer screen. If this is supposed to be the system message screen, than something definitely went wrong. Sound may have been coming from the main menu. Re still on and as it turns white it says something about your computer being out of service. You are about to press the escape key, but you suddenly remember something. S the screen that showed up when you were using your phone. It shows you having problems with your connection, but you could still use your computer. Re pretty sure you were using your computer on your phone. T the only thing on either of your screens anymore. You look at your computer screen and see a big orange screen with all of a sudden multiple lines going all over it. Everything looks pretty much the same, but now you notice your clothes are a little bit dirty and a bit disheveled. Re also looking in a bathroom, a shower is somewhere nearby and a toilet is nearby too.

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