Ocean acidification is the ongoing decrease in the pH of the …

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T afford to lose any more time. S going to be going on whenever you go out into the ocean. Re strong enough to do that, if only for a little while longer. Re swimming back to the boat, a few of them begin to scream at you in panic. T even have his complete attention, but what little he has is focused on you. After one of the guys reaches for the radio, you stop him just long enough to turn off the radio. Re going to try to listen to your own. You swim to the end of the boat where one of the people is waiting with a clipboard. S name tag is still attached to the body. You grab the tag and quickly read it:Captain John Graham. M sorry to have to do this, but the Captain has died. Ll send more crew back to get you, but you will not be on the Argo II until some help can get you to the nearest hospital or a safe location. In the meantime, there are many things we need to take care of. There is not enough fuel left in the vessel to return to the Island. The radio will not broadcast the message I left to you. A bomb has exploded in an Argo II water treatment plant on the island. Our radio and satellite systems are being jammed. All emergency medical supplies will be taken away by the enemy.

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