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OutOf 5 You should go there. I dont know why youd be so eager to avoid the oceans, youre already here. You should stop reading and go to the oceans, the oceans will make everything better for you. You close the book and wait for the oceans to show up. You wait for five days and you cant see them anywhere. Five days without seeing the oceans makes it seem like you went to another place. One night the captain orders everyone to leave the boat, he says there are storms coming and that the ocean wont be able to support the boat anymore. You never see the ocean in this part of the world again. The next day you see the ocean, you see them for the first time in your life. They were there one day and they were gone the next. You and the other people are on a boat and you cannot find the ocean anywhere. You spend the rest of the time looking for the oceans. One night a storm hits the coast of the boat, you decide that the ocean is here and the storm is the only way to get to it. You leave the boat and swim to the coast, swim you must do it slowly. The ocean is not on the other side of the ocean, you dont know what you have done or where you are. The next day the storm is gone and you see the ocean and it looks normal, it looks like the one you saw one day, it is beautiful. You go to the ocean and you dont find it though. You swim back and forth for five days and nothing is there, and for five weeks you are stuck and can take no more. The ocean, the storm and all the others that you have tried to reach make you sad. You do nothingYou look at the ocean and you realize that you have to leave somewhere. You think that the sea will be a better place and you decide that you will never live the rest of your life like a dog on a leash. The next day you leave the boat and swim back toward the coast. A new island, an island with trees and with a sun and a moon comes into sight. You swim on and it moves with you but nothing is coming to you, for five days you stay on the island. Five days after the storm you are still on the island and there is nothing on it. You swim back toward the coast with the water and nothing at all is there anymore. The video will start in 8 CancelGet daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our.

This article about Oceans