Passenger caught using ‘legendary’ trick to stay entertained on long-haul flight

A man onboard a long-haul flight to Thailand has found a way to bring a slice of his living room into the cabin.

The ingenious traveller decided to load an Xbox into his carry on luggage and get it out mid-flight.

In a post on Reddit a nearby passenger shared a picture showing how the occupant of the neighbouring seat had brought his gaming console along for the journey.

The image shows the man with his phone propped up on his tray table, while holding the distinctive controller in his hand, reports the Mirror.

In the picture's caption the poster wrote: “My seat neighbour on the plane brought an Xbox to play during the 12-hour flight toBangkok."

The image was met with great praise from those on the website, who applauded the "genius" idea.

One branded him a “legend” while another called it a “sick setup”.

One pleased Redditer joked: “This is the kind of mobile gaming I can get behind.”

A fourth added: “As a middle aged man who wants to game but often find he doesn’t have the time, I respect the hell out of this move!”

With air travel increasingly a drag due to the prospect of lengthy queues and cancellations, travel hacks are are burgeoning currency.

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Like most budget airlines, Ryanair allows passengers to bring one small personal item onboard for free (such as a laptop bag or handbag), but if you want extra you'll need to pay for a second bag or priority boarding.

Savvy travellers are always finding new ways to beat the rules, with clever packing tricks – and sharing their findings with others on social media.

Katie Williams tried out a viral travel hack which people have been swearing by which involves using toiletry bags to pack your clothes.

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