Passenger complains about ‘terrible’ plane ride with baby

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Travellers took to the online forum Mumsnet to share their “most horrible flights from hell”. Some of the most terrifying stories involved heavy turbulence, emergencies and flying with young children. A woman with the username @MattBellamysMuse shared her “terrible” travel experience when she was flying alone with her six-month-old son.

Her husband had to work and missed the holiday at short notice so she had an extra seat in her row.

She “was promised” that her husband’s seat would be empty but the airline filled it at the last moment.

As soon as she boarded the plane, she noticed “some stylish singleton woman” had taken her empty seat.

The woman “huffed and puffed” every time her son “made the slightest sound”. She was also carrying the pushchair and a very large suitcase and “not one person offered any help, they just all watched me struggle”.

Some travellers think parents should not fly with babies and that is “quite irresponsible” because if the child cries, it affects everyone on the plane.

A woman explained on the parenting forum that she was recently returning from a holiday in Barcelona and “it was the worst plane ride of my life”.

A newborn baby was screaming “at the top of its lungs the whole flight” which was very “stressful” for her and her family.

“I would never take a tiny baby on a four-hour flight,” she said, “it’s not fair for the baby and it affects all the other passengers on the plane”.

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She opined that parents should wait until the baby is old enough to play with toys and be occupied.

Forum user @Chloefairydust agreed saying: “If people are just going on holiday and it’s not special circumstances (like visiting dying relatives) then I don’t think it’s right to take a tiny baby or even a toddler on a long flight.”

Young children can suffer from ear issues when landing and it can be very uncomfortable for them to remain in a small place for a long time.

The woman opined that it is “not fair on other passengers listening to a screaming baby for hours”.

“I recently was on a 10-hour flight and there was a tiny baby and an older toddler both crying the entire flight.”

Another passenger, with username @prettybird, explained that her most “horrifying” travel story took place in the US.

She was sitting next to someone who was really nervous and when the plane was ascending after take off, she heard the flight attendant saying: “I tell you, I can see daylight.”

The flight attendant reportedly kept saying: “Yes, I can see daylight, I am sure it is not closed properly.”

The woman sitting beside her was “really panicky” so she walked up to the front to talk to the flight attendant.

Next thing, the pilot announced that the rear door was “not properly closed”, and they had to do an emergency landing.

According to the passenger, this took hours as they had to circle their way down due to concerns over pressurisation as well as burning fuel to be able to land.

Planes that are forced to land straight after take-off are sometimes too heavy to do so, and in most cases, they have to dump fuel up in the air to drop weight.

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