Passengers pay £734 to join the ‘Mile High Club’ on private flight – ‘leave with a smile’

Brits consider flexibility and travel more important than high salary

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Passengers are paying Las Vegas based company, Love Cloud, $995 (£734) for a 45 minute private flight. Others have paid more to get married onboard.

The ‘Mile High Club’ is an unofficial name for people who have had sex in a plane toilet while it is in the air.

While it is forbidden on all commercial airlines, that hasn’t stopped some passengers joining the ‘Club’.

Love Cloud is offering customers a more private experience and the chance to join the club without having torisk getting caught.

Andy Johnson, pilot and founder of Love Cloud, told the New York Times: “You come with a smile on your face, and you leave with a bigger smile on your face.”

Those who purchase the flight package will find a twin mattress on the floor with red satin pillows and covers.

The passengers are separated from the pilot, who wears noise cancelling headphones, by a curtain.

The company also offers a romantic package where guests get a table, chairs and a small bar.

Johnson said: “We help keep people from divorcing.”

One passenger, Mr Lopez, said: “I was in trouble with my partner so I had to make sure it was more for him than me.

“That’s why I got the romantic package rather than the mile high. When we finally got into the airplane, he was smiling ear to ear.

“Next time, it’s the mile high.”

Another happy customer, Frelima Howard said: “My husband and I had joined the mile high club before, so to be able to do it privately was great.

“It was really nice and exclusive and private.”

She added that 45 minutes didn’t feel long enough, saying: “I never got dressed faster in my life.”

After joining the ‘Mile High Club’ passengers receive a certificate signed by the pilot to take home.

The company said that the plane and bedding is thoroughly cleaned after each raunchy journey.

However, the craze is unlikely to take off in the UK after the Civil Aviation Authority ended a similar initiative in 2010.

The company, Mile High Flights, had its licence withdrawn after the CAA thought the sound of lovemaking might be too distracting for pilots.

Although many fans of the company said the CAA was blocking it on ‘moral’ grounds’ the airline authority assured critics it was purely a safety issue.

One anonymous flight attendant on Reddit said that plane toilets are usually only cleaned at the end of the day so any amorous passengers may want to be careful about hygiene.

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