People discover airport’s ‘hidden’ pool with a bar where you can swim pre-flight

Forget boring waiting rooms and crowded cafes with overly priced food – one airport has majorly upped the ante when it comes to things to do before a flight.

Changi Airport in Singapore already boasts the title of world's best airport thanks to its ridiculously cool departures hall, but passengers have been elated to discover that its terminal has a rooftop pool, complete with a bar and jacuzzi.

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Yep, instead of a sandwich while sat in an uncomfortable chair, passengers can head on to the airport's pool and take a dip, relax on the sunloungers or order a cocktail from the poolside bar – all while watching planes take off on the runway. (Just keep an eye on the time – realising you've just watched your own plane leave would be awkward).

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The pool is actually part of the Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel in Terminal 1, and includes shower facilities and towels for those who want to relax while waiting for their next flight.

Those staying in the hotel can use the pool for free, but you don't need to be a guest to get access; anyone who is waiting for a flight can pay S$23 (approx £13) to use the pool and facilities for an hour.

Changi Airport has often given sneak peeks of the incredible offering – and passengers love it. "Coolest airport ever," wrote one impressed traveller, while another described the experience as "amazing".

It's not the first time that the airport has wowed holidaymakers. Earlier this year one woman claimed her 14-hour layover at Changi was the 'best travel experience' of her life.

It's not surprising considering how much the airport has to offer. In fact, we reckon travellers would want their flight to be delayed so they have time to explore the on-site amusement park, from slides to a maze and even trampoline nets. Oh, and it even has the world's tallest slide in an airport, as well as a huge 'rainbow vortex' waterfall that sits in the middle of the indoor rainforest.

You can even get married in Changi Airport in multiple spots including under the glorious crystal dome ceiling and in private rooms.

Plus, there's a glass-floor bridge, a fun mirror maze and a big swimming pool for taking a dip.

There are often pop-up events and activities at the airport such as a recent one for the new Avatar film where you can walk among 'bioluminescence' and see all the plants glow!

Of course Singapore is hardly a destination most Brits travel to regularly due to it being so far away, but there are plenty of direct flights to Changi Airport, with airlines including British Airways and Emirates – you can check out various options on Skyscanner here.

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